Loss of Passport

Procedure for the Loss of Passport, containing a valid UAE Residence visa.

In case of the loss of an Indian passport containing a valid UAE Residence visa, the following documents need to be submitted at the Embassy Counter:

  • A duly filled Loss of Passport form (in Typed Capital Letters), with the applicant's two contact numbers (at the bottom of the form).
  • Old and new passport's coloured copy.
  • UAE Residence Visa's coloured copy.
  • A letter from the sponsor in UAE, stating that the applicant left UAE with his permission.
  • A copy of the Original Police Report or FIR in English, attested by the Indian External Affairs Ministry (The date-of-issue of FIR should be before the date-of-issue of the new passport).
  • ARABIC TRANSLATION of the Police report of the lost passport with the seal of the Arabic Translator.
  • One Passport Size Coloured photograph.
  • Fee of Dh 300/-.
  • Once these documents are submitted at the UAE Embassy Counter, the applicant will be informed when the entry permit is ready.

  • Click here to download 'Loss of Passport' Form